Our Vision

  1. We prayerfully encourage the spiritual development of all ages through education. We give special attention to children, youth and young adults.
  2. We prayerfully help all members, young and old, in the discovery, development and use of their gifts. We find leadership and service opportunities for these gifts to be used.
  3. We prayerfully develop evangelistic outreach to the unsaved and undiscipled of all ages and backgrounds in two basic ways:
    1. Through intentional, personal or small group outreach and mentoring for member contacts (neighborhood, work, school, etc.)
    2. Through intentional invitation and service to the community surrounding our church building.
  4. We grow in unity by supporting a congregational life characterized by loving fellowship where people young and old care, respect and pray for one another. By this we grow in grace-filled commitment and faithfulness, and in our Christian walk in Church and Kingdom.
  5. We grow in unity by celebrating together, through Word and sacrament, our salvation in Jesus Christ. We do this by blending traditional and contemporary music styles in preaching-centered, prayer-bathed worship to God.

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